Caravan Inspections

The British leisure industry is one of the biggest in the world; Home to famous brands such as Adria, Bailey, Elddis, Lunar, Swift and Sterling and many more.

For this reason the UK is the ideal place to be looking for great value in used caravans and motorhomes.

The choice of used caravans available is expansive and UK caravan owners are fastidious in taking excellent care of their caravans and motorhomes.

For trade customers we can buy used caravans and motorhomes direct from the biggest sale in the UK which take takes place bi-weekly at BCA Measham.

To view the auction catalogue in advance then please click here for BCA  No login is required to view the caravan sales catalogues.

We Send trained Caravan Technicians to these sales:

Pre sale we inspect.

: For any current or previous panel damage using Stihl and Protimeter damp/humidity meters.
: Carry out a thorough panel by panel damp inspection and report any signs of water ingress.
: Check and Test all Gas Appliances and Hoses where possible.
: Check 12v Electrical and Heating System where possible.
: Check under GRP Body for chassis or trailer corrosion.
: Check Tyres and Sidewall Disintegration.
: Check Tow hitch and Electrical Connector.
: Check All Interior fittings such as Cupboards, Hinges, Windows, bedroom and WC.

Our buyers can pre-inspect any caravan on the morning of the sale and send you on a full report together with a full selection of pictures. We will only bid on caravans that we are certain are tested dry and free of structural damage and show no signs of excessive wear and tear.
Once happy that we have some good vans to bid on we can call you to discuss yourr bidding strategy and try to buy the caravan to your agreed instructions.

If we succesfully purchase any caravans for your company we will inform you immediately and get all auction invoices sent to you straight away.

After sale we arrange for transport to your designated port and Liase with your shipping agent. If you are shipping to New Zealand we can get you preferential shipping with full insurance at discounted rates.

Stock is obviously limited at trade sales and private customers have a far better chance of finding their ideal van by looking at UK classifieds and either buying from a dealer or from a private seller.

Good places to start your search are:



Caravan Finder

If you find a caravan that you would like to pursue you can either communicate with the seller directly and instruct us to inspect when you are happy with the deal; or you can send the enquiry through to us and we will investigate and negotiate on your behalf.

Many of the seemingly great value vans that appear on sites like eBay or Gumtree can unfortunately be scam phishing attempts which is why we check out the advertisements legitimacy before we proceed with a physical inspection.

Once we are happy that the seller and van appear to be a good deal we will arrange a viewing that is agreeable to both parties.

An average caravan inspection will test will take up to two hours. During which we will do a panel by panel exterior check for any damage or prior repair, A panel by panel interior check with several damp readings across all panels. We inspect all wiring/electrics and plumbing lines and with the owners consent will check operations of all electrics/gas and plumbing. We also completely comb the interior for evidence of damage and excessive wear. All of our findings are listed in our report and you will receive a full photographic record which will outline any current problems with the van.

This report is your piece of mind. Last year 30% of the vans we rejected were inspected on site with registered dealers who had claimed to the buyer that the van was in excellent condition.

Many vans that are described as excellent by private sellers fall way below the standard expected of our buyers. Many private sellers do not have the capability to damp test their vans and in the UK damp and corrosion are not seen as huge problems.

Our report will provide you with a clear understanding of what you are buying and can offer you several points for the seller to reduce the price.

An imported caravan can be viewed with suspicion in your own country when you go to sell it on in future years. If you are able to present a full report to show that your van was fully inspected and purchased the proper way then it will only add to the value of your investment. We keep a file record of all vans we have inspected and are happy to forward on any information to buyers if you are reselling your caravan.

Once purchased we can arrange shipping on your behalf and fully insured transport to the docks. If you already have shipping organised we can still provide transport.

We Make sure your new vans details tally with the Cris Register and update the records. CRIS . Note CRIS is an opt in service so not every caravan will have a CRIS certificate. If required we can work with HPI and get your CRIS registration applied retroactively.

If you already have a CRIS or VIN Number for your Van then you can use this checking Tool: CRIS Decoder

If you need an explanation of what those numbers mean heres a good explanation from How2caravan

If you would like to know a bit more about inspecting used UK Caravans then have a look at this handy guide from the caravan club of Great Britain.

For Caravan dimensions to assist you with shipping plans you can refer to this specification chart from Only use this chart as an indicator, we can measure any caravan prior to purchasing to be sure of correct container fitting.

For more information on new and current model caravans you can check by using

If you have found a van that you are interested in buying you are welcome to ask us to give you our opinion for free.

we are happy to let you know if the vehicle looks legitimate and can contact the seller for some preliminary information on your behalf