We can inspect any motor vehicle or caravan in mainland Great Britain. Our inspectors in the UK have over twenty years of car buying knowledge and will advise you on the car you are looking to buy through every step of the way.

Contact us with the details of the vehicle you are planning to buy and we will give you guidance for free on whether we believe it to be a good deal or just a bit too good to be true.

After advising you on the cars value and specification and after finding out initial details from the seller we will advise you to either proceed with a full inspection on this vehicle or to continue your search.

Once you decide to go ahead and book a test. We will start by giving your car a full HPI report.

This will ensure your car is not stolen, does not owe finance, has not been declared accident damaged and has not had any changes to the odometer or chassis number.

After that we get a full specification check on your car to make sure it is the correct make and model as described but is also fitted with the extras you are looking for and expect. If possible we will check the vehicles prior MOT records with VOSA. This will confirm that the tested mileage tallies with the mileage stated in the service history, It will also list any previous MOT test failures and state reasons why. We can also see any listed advisory remarks on recent MOTs and check to see the rectifications have been made.

In the case of Caravans we will get a CRIS check where applicable from HPI. Note the CRIS system is not a legal neccessity in the UK and is an opt in service, therefore some legitimate caravans may not possess a valid CRIS cert.

This is not an essential requirement to import a van but if required we can complile the paperwork to apply a retroactive CRIS document on your behalf.

We will also decode the caravans serial number to confirm the year of build as this can regularly be well in advance of the caravans registration date.



Once we arrange with the garage to book in a physical inspection you will be informed when you can expect to find out if your new car gets our seal of approval. Once inspected you will receive a comprehensive report similiar to below which will list any points of interest,such as

  • Evidence of crash repair, All chassis/valances/A/B/C posts,Floor and Roof panels investigated for replacement or repair. Interchangeable panels such as Bonnets,Boots,Doors,Wings(Guards) checked for evidence of replacement. Two part panels such as Doors or Quarter panels checked for evidence of exterior skin replacement. All light fittings and Glass checked for evidence of replacement.
  • Details of prior paint rectifications.
  • Panel by Panel current damage report.
  • Condition of Wheels and tyre depth by make and mm wear.
  • Checklist that all electrics and fitted extras work as standard.
  • Mechanical report. Engine running cold/hot, Gearbox selection,Clutch,brake and handbrake report.
  • All fluid levels checked.
  • Interior report with note of all wear and damage.
  • Check Spare wheel and car tools such as Locking wheel nut are present, confirm spare keys and owners handbook/service history.



You will be provided with a comprehensive photographic record of your new purchase with close up shots of any marks, dents, scratches or interior damage. You can discuss with your inspector to check and photograph anything specific that you want to know about. Your inspector is your eyes on the ground and is available to you at all times during the process.